Möbius Student Help


1. Getting Started
1.1. System Overview
User Tours
Forgot your password
1.2. Getting Help
1.3. Accessing Möbius using a Learning Management System
2. Class Homepage
2.1. The Class Homepage
2.2. Registering as a Student in a Class
2.3. Select assignments and lessons
assignments and lessons with Restricted Access
2.4. Your Profile
2.5. Change Your Password
3. Working With the Calendar
3.1. Selecting a Calendar View
3.2. Moving Through the Calendar
3.3. Scheduling Events in the Calendar
Sharing an Event
3.4. Editing Events in the Calendar
4. Assignment and Question Types
4.1. Types of Assignments
Assessment-style Assignments
Study Session and Mastery Assignments
Adaptive Assignments
4.2. Homework and Quiz Assignments
4.3. Proctored Exams
4.4. Grading of Essay Questions
4.5. Anonymous Practice Assignments
4.6. Mastery Assignments
4.7. Study Session Assignments
4.8. Adaptive Assignments
4.9. Related Topics
5. Math Help
5.1. Entering Math Expressions
5.2. Choosing a Math Entry Mode
About Text Mode
About Symbol Mode
Remembering Responses between Questions
Conversions from Text to Symbol and Symbol to Text
5.3. Basic Math Syntax in the System
Writing Mathematical Expressions
Variable Names
Operator and Function Syntax
Syntax Checker
5.4. Entering Expressions from Palettes
Basic Appearance
Example Math Function and Symbol Palettes and Templates
5.5. Entering and Editing Formulas in Symbol Mode
Navigating Templates
Cursor Movement Behavior Summarized
5.6. Equivalent Responses
Examples of Equivalent Responses
5.7. Mathematical Functions and Operations
5.8. Table of Physical Unit Equivalents
Long-form Names of SI and Metric Units
5.9. Plotting
5.10. Curve Sketching
Basic Curve Sketching Tasks
5.11. Symbol Mode Shortcut Keys
6. Working with assignments and lessons
6.1. Assignment Navigation
6.2. Resuming Interrupted Assignments
6.3. Policies
6.4. Proctored Browser
Taking an Assignment using the Proctored Browser
7. Taking a Lesson
8. Gradebook
8.1. Viewing Results for Past assignments and lessons
8.2. Viewing Grade Reports
9. Copyrights and Trademarks
9.1. Copyrights
9.2. Trademarks