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12.5 Importing and Installing a Course Module

Note: In the following discussion, the term destination class refers to the class that you want to install the course module into and the term source class refers to the originating class for the course module contents. Also, to open a module, you need to import and install it.

To Install a New Course Module into the Destination Class:

  1. Ensure that you have access to the saved course module from the source class on your hard drive, a network drive, or an Internet resource.
  1. Click Import () in the top banner of the Content Repository.
  1. The Import dialog appears, as shown in Figure 12.11.
Importing a Course Module

Figure 12.11: Importing a Course Module

  1. To select a course module, click Choose File/Browse...
  1. Navigate to the course module on your hard drive, a network drive, or an Internet resource, and click Open.
  1. Click Import Content to initiate the file upload.
  1. The new course module appears under the Course Modules panel in the Content Repository, as shown in Figure 12.3.


  • You can use the Import feature to import any supported content, including course modules and older question banks saved in a legacy format as .qu files).
  • If you attempt to upload a file that is not supported, the system generates an error message.
  • Each server has a maximum file size setting for uploads that is established by your system administrator. (For example, it may allow uploads of up to 5 MB. If your file upload repeatedly times out or if you receive a message informing you that your upload exceeds the server limit, contact your system administrator.