Optimal Digital Education Solutions: Examining the Efficacy of Möbius and Maple™

Optimal Digital Education Solutions: Examining the Efficacy of Möbius and Maple™

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  • Discover how digital learning tools enhance the educational experience

  • Learn how Möbius uses Maple™, the powerful math engine from Maplesoft™, to be uniquely positioned to meet the specialized needs of math-based learning.

  • Examine new approaches to testing and assessment based on research and experience with Möbius.


As technology expands, it is changing the way education is delivered. Institutions have new tools for engaging students and providing them with access to digital educational materials. As these new tools are implemented, it is essential to ensure efficiency and optimize time and resources. How is this achieved?

The University of Birmingham began researching this question after implementing Möbius several years ago. They discovered that the use of Möbius improved the learning experience for students and optimized instructors’ time for working with students. To maximize their efforts, faculty made it a priority to develop high-quality customized content specifically designed to meet the needs of their students. The university was also able to integrate Möbius with their learning management system, CANVAS, which allowed them to offer a more thorough assessment and improve teaching and learning initiatives.

Read this whitepaper to view examples and learn how the University of Birmingham used the Möbius platform to develop unique content and new approaches for delivering education online.


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