Creating A Student-Centric Textbook: Preparing Students for Calculus

Webinar: Creating A Student-Centric Textbook: Preparing Students for Calculus

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Creating online courses is not an easy task, especially for STEM subjects, but the right technology provides a great opportunity. Giving students the ability to explore, visualize and practice within an online environment helps students understand complex concepts found in STEM courses. This student-centric approach is a key element when building a successful online learning experience for students.

Join Louise Krmpotic, VP Enterprise Services, DigitalEd, Bill Armstrong and Don Davis from Lakeland Community College and Mike McCraith from Cuyahoga Community College, as they discuss how "Trigonometry: A Unit Circle Approach that Prepares for Calculus” was created with this goal in mind; to give students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of trigonometry, prepare them for Calculus and Calculus-based courses, and set them up for success as they pursue a STEM-focused education.

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