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Summary Issue key Component/s
Duplicate Key Problem on MAA Placement 2019.0 RC Server MO-2563 Backend
Cannot send mail when user locale is set to Korean MO-2496 Backend
Create an embedded folder watcher to pick up course module files uploaded to a class directory MO-1607 Backend
Course Module Import API MO-1537 Backend
Initial click in a slide does not place cursor in text area UW-1138 Content Consumption
Student ID does not show when taking an assignment when "Show Student ID" is enabled MO-2608 Content Consumption
View Details - Missing Spaces Between Question/Score & Their Values MO-2562 Content Consumption
Corrections to Demonstration of Question Types Assignment MO-1932 Content Consumption
Unable to Publish Content to the Cloud MO-2525 Content Repository
Release/2019.0 - IE 11 - Equation Editor Does Not Recognize Keyboard Input MO-2495 Equation Editor
Questions in a question group in a lesson are marked 0 in the grade book and details MO-2421 Gradebook/Analytics
Total Points Application Error MO-2266 Gradebook/Analytics
Gradebook - restrict feedback regression causing students to not be able to check grades MO-2194 Gradebook/Analytics
LTI Embedded - Returning from Assignment Leaves LMS MO-2585 LTI / API / LDAP / Integrations
Closing assignment in LTI causes parent page to change MO-2693 LTI / API / LDAP / Integrations
Korean Localization does not work in 2019.0 RC 2 MO-2577 User Interface
Self registration page has problems with small viewports MO-1975 User Interface
Session timeout appears on login page MO-1985 Users / Roles / Licenses
Potential typo in Role Editors MO-1966 Users / Roles / Licenses

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