for Möbius Platform

New Features/Enhancements
Class-level time zone support
Limited how did I do attempts for assignments and lessons
Passing a redemption code via LTI
Configuration has been set to address the yellow question mark issue
Summary Issue key Component/s
Wrong Time zone Used for Timestamps in Student View of Gradebook TA-8670 Gradebook/Analytics
Unable to Edit/Delete Calendar Entries TA-8947 Course Tools
Calendar Class Events Not Retained TA-8946 Course Tools
Proctor Tools No Longer Showing End Date TA-8922 Course Tools
Calendar Uses Local Computer Time Rather Than System Settings Time TA-8890 Course Tools
Time Zone is spelt "Timezone" in Class Edit and Class Info pages TA-8889 Course Tools
Maple Syntax Error When Using Files with .mla Extension TA-7583 Content Consumption
Enable the New "How Did I Do?" Max Attempts Feature TA-8904 Content Authoring
When editing assignment policies, "password authorization" and "visible" options conflict. TA-8861 Content Authoring
Slideshow editor audio stops scrubbing after pause in Safari TA-8791 Content Authoring
Editing Multiple Choice Response Area Unchecks "fixed" Setting TA-8681 Content Authoring
Password Authorization should only appear for proctor sign in to start and grade TA-8441 Content Authoring
Increment Version Number TA-8932 Backend
404 error for TA-8805 Backend

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