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Summary Issue key Component/s
pi displays correctly, but is graded incorrectly TA-1778 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Deleted Assignment Error Message TA-1784 Content Consumption
hi’ or 1=1--,  into the search field lets students enroll into any class they like TA-2096 System Administration
Clicking "Next Part" Button in Adaptive Question Exits Full Screen Mode in Proctored Browser TA-2173 Content Consumption
Anonymous Practice Assignment - Hint shows the Word "Error" In View Details Page TA-2380 Content Consumption
Allow Time Limit in assignments with Math App questions TA-2761 Content Consumption
Assignment dialog boxes breaks full screen in Proctored Browser TA-2859 Content Consumption
Allow students to resubmit answers to questions option in Adaptive Assignment TA-304 Content Consumption
Support .maple extension TA-3214 Backend
Syntax error caused by @ in question text TA-3651 Content Authoring
Mobius Content/Categories Missing From Repository When Using Cloned Class Roles TA-4612 Repository/Cloud/Search
Suggestion to Display Hints in Question Preview TA-486 Content Authoring
Show Maple version and MapleNet version in System Status TA-5838 System Administration
System Settings should move Math App settings to it's own area TA-5839 System Administration
Add System Settings Entries for MapleNet 2017 TA-5855 System Administration
Set User Password Via API TA-5913 Backend
Remove username and password from MapleNet settings TA-5932 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Penalty for Second Hint Is Not Deducted From the Grade When Viewed Separately From The First Hint TA-6134 Content Consumption
HTML in MC Choices Breaks Rendered Question TA-6253 Content Authoring
Force-grading service can slow down server resources TA-6375 Backend
Instructors Can Change Admin Passwords Via URL Change TA-6649 Users/Roles
Hint Penalties Are Not Applied in Practice Assignments TA-6701 Content Consumption
Incorrect Passing of Adaptive Section in the Presence of a Human Graded Response TA-6774 Content Authoring
In Progress and To Be Reviewed assignments don't appear in Student's gradebook TA-6959 Gradebook/Analytics
Clicking on EQE Button Twice When CKEditor Is Not In Focus Freezes the Browser TA-6987 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Filtering By Question Type Is No Longer Possible Inside Question Groups TA-6988 Repository/Cloud/Search
Cannot View Worksheet of Math Apps Shared to Cloud TA-6991 Repository/Cloud/Search
Preview Button in Question/Slideshow Editor Should Not Trigger Browser Popup Blocker TA-7006 Content Authoring
Changing Entry Mode In an Adaptive Assignment Shows Whether Answer Is Right/Wrong Before Submission TA-7012 Content Consumption
Users Can Delete Themselves TA-7025 Users/Roles
Equation Editor Does Not Close After Changing Font Color Via CKEditor Toolbar TA-7088 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Maple TA does not close worksheets in question preview  TA-7102 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Unauthorized Access to Gradebook Assignment Details TA-7125 Gradebook/Analytics
Purchase Code & Student Licensing Support for Webstore Backend
Cannot Re-order Branches Of Adaptive Assignment After Cancelling Question Creation TA-7170 Content Authoring
LTI/API Launches Should Restrict Navigation TA-7196 Content Consumption
System Setting to Disable Launch Page TA-7236 Content Consumption
Columns in Content Repository disappear TA-7258 Repository/Cloud/Search
MapleNet Names in the "MapleNet Server Settings" do not match the names in the drop-down lists of "Engine Selection" TA-7262 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
LTI Launch records not created from assignment link TA-7273 Integrations/LTI/API/LDAP
Inheritance for Lesson Sections & Adaptive Branches TA-7275 Class Management
Lesson Completion Status No Longer Works On Class Homepage TA-7290 Content Consumption
Complete the Assignment Section Inheritance through Related Classes TA-7295 Class Management
Mobius System Homepage Layout Is Not Present On Anonymous Homepage TA-7301 Content Consumption
Calendar Is Visible To Anonymous Users TA-7302 Course Tools
"Create an account" Link Is Displayed On Anonymous Homepage When Self Registration Is Globally Disabled TA-7303 Course Tools
Application Error After Session Times Out For An Anonymous User On A Class Homepage TA-7305 Content Consumption
Failure of Math App question should not break the whole assignment TA-7318 Content Consumption
HTML Question Is Not Working In IE11 TA-7325 Content Consumption
"Try Another" and "Start Over" Buttons Disappear When Clicked On TA-7329 Content Consumption
Gradebook does not show results for next pages  TA-7331 Gradebook/Analytics
Launch Page Time zone does not match System Time zone TA-7367 Content Authoring
Assignment Launch Page Does Not Appear When Assignment Is Launched From Calendar TA-7388 Content Consumption
Cloning a theme from a parent class into current class fails TA-7390 Backend
Floating box z-index higher than slideshow menu TA-7394 Content Authoring
Importing Course Module with Units Does Not Include Units TA-7402 Repository/Cloud/Search
Combine the "engines status" and "MapleNet/Maple Status and Version" sections on the system status page. TA-7408 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
Imported Course Module Shows Content Of Units Where It Shouldn't TA-7416 Repository/Cloud/Search
Updates to Default Size of new Math Apps TA-7455 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Last Login time isn't updated from LTI link access TA-7465 Integrations/LTI/API/LDAP
Incorrect message when anonymous user times out. TA-7481 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
Restrict Feedback Policy Should Extend To Completion Status Icon TA-7483 Content Consumption
Password Update Not Available to Students TA-7487 Users/Roles
MathApp Response Area Breaks Adaptive Questions TA-7564 Content Consumption
Course module export/import corrupts the structure of Questions that are inside the Question Groups TA-7565 Repository/Cloud/Search
Slideshow Breaks When A Response Area Is Set To Transition TA-7576 Content Authoring
All assignments are loaded in a class when showing proctor tools or gradebook pages TA-7584 Class Management
Page loading warning breaks Proctored Browser mode TA-7597 Content Consumption
Refreshing the page while taking a lesson shows "Error Accessing Mobius Resources" TA-7624 Content Consumption
Show All Attempts For Adaptive Questions No Longer Works TA-7678 Content Consumption
Renaming Lesson Sections Renames Pages As Well TA-7772 Content Authoring
Default Behaviour of Targeted Assignment with Human Gradable Elements TA-7817 Content Consumption
Adding New Annotations for Essay Question  Overwrites Existing Partial Grade TA-7821 Content Consumption
Analytics through Google Data Studio TA-7834 Gradebook/Analytics
Using "How did I do" Button Increments The Number of Hint Displays TA-7901 Content Consumption
Gradebook breaks if a student entered a dot to multiply units in a numeric question TA-7922 Gradebook/Analytics
Password field shouldn't have autocomplete enabled TA-7986 Users/Roles
GDPR: Privacy Policy/Explicit Consent TA-7988 Users/Roles
Class Roster Import overrides System Role TA-8001 Users/Roles
Changing text on the "Choose Name" tab removes all questions after saving TA-8013 Content Authoring
Add System Configuration properties and UI for privacy policy. TA-8048 System Administration
Create page to show privacy policy and allow user to accept. TA-8049 Users/Roles
Adaptive section penalties are not shown properly in Gradebook TA-8052 Content Consumption
Assignment/Lesson Editors Don't Render Absolute Value Bars  TA-8099 Content Authoring
Unexpected Order of Child Classes List in Parent Class Gradebook TA-8104 Gradebook/Analytics
Multiple Choice - Clicking "Insert" Without Defining Choices Gives Application Error TA-8123 Content Authoring
Preview Single Slide in Slideshow broken in Safari TA-8173 Content Authoring
Assignment launches do not verify that user is enrolled in class. TA-8195 Backend
LTI Links to Assignments Don't Work for Assignment Id > 999 TA-8201 Integrations/LTI/API/LDAP
Enable Input Highlighting in EQE TA-8253 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Update name of Cloud in Mobius to Mobius Cloud TA-8280 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
Cannot See What You Type in EQE If 2 or More EQE Are Present in a Slideshow/Lesson TA-8328 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
Updated MC Response Areas Disappear from View in CKEditor if Last Object in Question TA-8332 Content Authoring
Replace Login Backdrop TA-8371 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
EQE is broken in Multiple Choice response specific feedback section TA-8389 Content Authoring
Gradebook - Question Grades Display a Rounded Value TA-8402 Gradebook/Analytics
Add "Allow Submit" Option to Lessons TA-8405 Content Consumption
Score is still shown in gradebook when "Show Final Grade" policy is disabled. TA-8406 Gradebook/Analytics
WS API - grades are not pushed for Quizzes and Lessons during force grading. TA-8407 Integrations/LTI/API/LDAP
Update URL for Mobius Cloud Terms of Service TA-8408 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
Math in MC Response Area Within Question Editor Isn't Rendered Properly TA-8409 Content Authoring
Mastery Assignment - Quit & Save Doesn't Work Properly When On Progress Report Page TA-8413 Content Consumption
Change timestamps in DB to use Time zone and system to use UTC TA-8431 Backend
Cannot Click Inside the Equation Editor After Opening It Several Times TA-8440 Content Authoring
Remove Group Numbering from Repository TA-8445 Repository/Cloud/Search
Changing Entry Mode Breaks Practice and Adaptive Practice Assignments TA-8466 Content Consumption
Adding a new class twice with the same name containing html reflects the Exception back to the user instead of Error Message TA-8483 Class Management
Cannot View Details of Mastery Assignment TA-8499 Content Consumption
Very Difficult to Delete Response Areas TA-8504 Content Authoring
Adaptive Question Is Broken In Practice Assignment TA-8522 Content Consumption
iPad- Slideshow Unexpectedly Pauses Between Slides TA-8540 Content Consumption
Adaptive Question Problems In All Adaptive and Mastery Assignments TA-8566 Content Consumption
Plot dimensions changes don't take effect on the preview inside Question Designer TA-8567 Content Authoring
Math Formula questions with text entry mode only get Equation Editor mode in an assignment TA-8582 Content Consumption
Rename Scanned Document Response Area to Document Upload TA-8583 Content Authoring
Add Icons to Insert Response Area Screen TA-8584 Content Authoring
Math App MapleNet Doesn't Save State of Current Math App On Quit&Save TA-8612 Content Consumption
Modal Backdrop Not Going Away After Force Grade TA-8632 Repository/Cloud/Search
Update to Name of Cloud in Repository Not Always Applied TA-8647 Backend
LTI requests rejected in absence of first or last name parameters TA-8662 integrations/LTI/API/LDAP
Math Processing Error when adding square root in assignment EQE TA-8664 Equation Editor / MapleNet - TA
LTI with Field Mapping - Inconsistent Updating of Information Fields TA-8704 Integrations/LTI/API/LDAP
Essay keywords, synonyms not highlighted in gradebook TA-8705 Gradebook/Analytics
Calendar events do not display/disappear in IE TA-8707 UI/Skins/i18n/Accessibility
Resuming a Mastery test throws an exception if last question seen does not have a response TA-8760 Content Consumption

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